Dent Associates believe in partnership and view working with our suppliers and clients, more of a case of extending our network of close colleagues than just a formal commercial relationship. This means we do not work with everyone who comes our way but it does mean that in becoming a service provider or client you also join our network of people who think and work the way we do.


We work with a growing number of Associate Consultants to expand the range of expertise we offer to our client companies. With our business continuing to expand we welcome enquiries from independent consultants in different fields and countries who have an interest in joining a dynamic and expanding business committed to high standards of delivery. Please contact us for further information.


Dent Associates clients are science and technology based businesses or public organisations, most usually small to medium enterprises involved in issues of food security (agriculture and aquaculture) and climate change. The Company also works closely with investors, VCs and investment banks particularly with regard to innovation and technology evaluation and validation.


Wellspring Capital Ltd

Dent Associates partners with Wellspring Capital Ltd on projects relating to effective commercialisation of research, particularly relevant to developing countries, but also in provision of training.


WeaveBean Creative

Alun Phillips is an entrepreneur graphic designer and web developer. His company WeaveBean develops information based and e-commerce websites for clients in the entertainment industry, retailers, international development, government agencies, financial and public health institutions. WeaveBean includes among its clients CABI Bioscience, DCSL, Queensland State Department’s of Health and Main Roads, and GBST Holdings Ltd. David Dent has known and worked with Alun for over 30 years.

Santander Business Banking

A supportive bank that provides a service that genuinely cares and meets the needs of small businesses is a real benefit to any small businesses. There are many who make such claims but too few who provide a clear, uncomplicated range of targeted services without hidden costs. After a great deal of research and consideration we are pleased to say we chose Santander as our banking partner.