About Us


National systems transformed to deliver innovation with purpose and alacrity at a time when the world is desperate for solutions to global problems that impact on societies, economies and the environment.


To provide practical advice and solutions at all levels (individual entrepreneurs, businesses, research organisations, governmental) to promote effective and efficient national systems of innovation.

Unique Selling Point

Provides a unique framework for scientific innovation that blends scholarship from management and economics with hard science and technology experience utilising an impact value chain as a lens for understanding innovation in the knowledge economy.

Our Values – why we exist

Innovation is not about research, technologies or companies, but about people – it is individuals who invent, innovate and change the world, individuals who take risks and challenge orthodoxy, individuals who decide how, when and whether to make a difference.

Our values are about trying to do the right thing and making something positive happen, even if there is a cost to us in that action. Having met and worked with too many people who readily abuse relationships and situations purely for their own selfish-purpose and aggrandisement, we work with those who like us want to achieve something for the greater good and are prepared to make sacrifices if necessary to deliver: responsibility, integrity, duty and service motivate us.


Dent Associates provide new perspectives and approaches to scientific innovation and entrepreneurship relating to academia, business, government and intergovernmental policy.

As a thought-leader Dent Associates have explored the future of government support to R&D and innovation through:

  • a 2010 report on Market-led Innovation Centres that fed into the coalition-government science strategy through the Secretary of State the Rt Honourable Vince Cable;
  • development of an analytical tool for market-led innovation (as a visiting Professor: Surrey University Business School) and applied in the UKAFD Agri-technology Sector Market Trends and Opportunities Report for UKTI (2013), and
  • My two-volume book entitled The Nature of Scientific Innovation (Dent in press). Endorsed by Professor Sir John Beddington CMG, FRS and Matt Ridley, author of …. And ….