The next 10 years

The next 10 years will be dominated by issues of global food security, climate change, commerce and the economy, human health and wellbeing, medicine and animal welfare, including societal issues such as inequality, with increasing dependence on, and need for, innovation to deliver sustainable solutions to individual, local, regional, national and international issues.

Innovation, is undertaken by individuals who establish new businesses as entrepreneurs or operate as part of a research team within an organisation whether that is a public or private or commercial business and at a national level combined with legal, business, social and financial parties to create the national innovation system.

Systems, the organisations and the processes and the people that underpin them all change slowly and inexorably over time, but what if that rate of change is too slow to meet the needs of people and society in a faster changing world. What if the systems of innovation then become inadequate and unable to deliver to this need – what then?

Then – there is a need for a different perspective, a different approach and set of requirements, whether in education of children, higher education and the training of scientists, of supporting and underpinning the needs of entrepreneurs and innovators, and the changes in organisational structures needed in order to deliver sustainable solutions to transform society, economies, resource use and the environment.

This is where Dent Associates can help, at all levels where change is needed to catalyse national innovation systems.