Dent Associates provide a range of services designed to meet the needs of our clients:

  • Advice and Tailored Business Support
  • Market Innovation Analysis
  • Business Strategy and Development
  • Government Affairs
  • Export and International Partnering
  • Innovation and Technology Validation

Dent Associates work with science-technology based enterprises, particularly SMEs, investors and investment groups.

What we do? – We always find a way to make things happen!

Advice and Tailored Business Support:

Senior management of companies at Board and Executive level have much with which to contend and address as our business environment becomes more and more complex, information is ubiquitous but unfocussed making it difficult to know what to believe or how to evaluate potential risks, and requirements for action. Dent Associates provide a comprehensive package of advice and support, tailored technical and scientific information briefs as well as appropriate scientific and SME business oriented presentations to senior teams on issues for example, climate change; addressing fixed asset risks, supply chain and operational concerns as well as the implications of a social ‘license to operate’.

Market Innovation Analysis

If you have a technology looking for a market, or you are a University Technology Transfer Office, Technology Innovation Centre, Contract Research Organisation or SME wanting to expand and grow your IP portfolio and/or to move into new markets then Market Innovation Analysis (MIA) provides you with the market intelligence and knowledge to successfully achieve this. Dent Associates proprietary analysis process identifies market gaps and opportunities for innovation and generates solutions which may be new technologies, products, services, business models or processes, organisational or supply chain innovations, promotional or marketing innovations – opportunities to transform your business.

Business Strategy and Development:

Maximising market opportunities with new, innovative technologies that meet the challenges of climate change and sustainable development in a fast changing business environment is not easy, especially for SMEs who have limited resources and time frames in which to gain a return on their investments. As scientists Dent Associates understand the needs of other scientists in business and the particular needs of science-technology based businesses and are therefore able to assist in the formulation of business strategy and business development.

Government Affairs:

Aligning business with government policy has clear advantages to commercial companies since it enables the support and influence of the ‘State’ in achieving outcomes of benefit to both. From a commercial perspective there are a number of steps in this process that include identifying those aspects of a company’s activities that relate to existing or developing policies before raising the profile and awareness in this regard, with relevant Parliamentary and governmental bodies. Dent Associates are engaged with both Parliament and Government on science and innovation know how to maximise opportunities for science-based and technology led SME’s.

Export and International Partnering:

Business works because of trust between individuals. When it comes to export there seem to be so many barriers to building trust not least language and culture – assuming that you can find the right people with whom you can do business in the first place. Dent Associates have built extensive international contacts and networks that enables and facilitates introductions to the right people, to assist in making overseas business easier, more cost effective and enjoyable.

Innovation and Technology Validation:

Identifying and validating innovative concepts and technologies is central to finding and securing the right business partners and the necessary investment to ensure business success. Dent Associates provide expert analyses, opinion, and undertake independent objective assessments of the value, effectiveness and likely impact of innovations and technologies relevant to the international biotech and agri-business for both companies, investors and shareholders.