Good consultancy is based on a foundation of sound knowledge, information and expertise. One of the ways we maintain our services at the forefront of current scientific knowledge and understanding is to generate relevant proprietary data which can be used to develop reports relevant to our clients needs. Dent Associates also research, collate and prepare third party publications.

White Papers

Driving Economic Growth – Knowledge Production PDF

Innovation and Growth – the role of R&D PDF

Technology and Market Readiness Levels PDF

Reports and Guides

Market-led Innovation Centres: A New Model for UK Innovation – This 26 page report reviews the science-supply led approach to innovation, its constraints and outputs before considering the value of the alternative model, which is market-led – where market-led innovation is defined in terms of the range of business types, business models and processes, products and services, information needs, technology use, attitudes to innovation as well as consumer needs, trends and demands operating within a sector. A report on innovation policy that “thinks outside the box”!
Authors: David Dent and Mike Theodorou
The recommendations arising from this report, if implemented, would have wide spread impacts on our ability to innovate, offering the prospect of access to a wider range of innovators, different types of innovation and improved speed to market – a means to rejuvenate our economy!

Dent Associates UK Directory of Climate Change Research Organisations 2010 – a listing of all the key UK climate change research organisations, a breakdown of their expertise and all relevant contact details – a must have resource for all those involved in the issues of climate change. Climate change is the most significant environmental and political challenge facing mankind in the 21st Century and the UK is a global leader in investigating the causes and consequences of climate change through its world class research and development base. Greg Masters of Dent Associates has produced the first edition of a new central directory of leading UK organisations involved in climate change research, knowledge and outreach. This directory which will be updated regularly lists the leading research organisations across all sectors, pulling together a description of their activity and knowledge base as well as their contact details. And its Free.

A Guide to Science in Parliament and Government
Published by the UK Parliamentary and Scientific Committee 2009
Web | PDF

The UK Agri-Food Science Directory
Published 2008 by IATC and CDS

Brazil Science Funding Agencies
Published 2009 by IATC