The next 20 years

The next 20 years will be dominated by issues of global food security, climate change, water use and the need for more sustainable development. Dent Associates have the expertise and experience to assist science-technology based enterprises to address these issues, to build a sustainable successful business and to benefit from opportunities that exist in this new and challenging environment.

Socially responsible businesses can be drivers of a societal change improving the sustainability of of people’s livelihoods across the world. Dent Associates are making a signficant contribution to the development of sustainable business that will enable food security for all, during a period of unprecedented challenge created by climate change and population growth. This we are able to do through our unique business approach to science and a sound evidence-based approach to use of science in business.

What we do? – We always find a way to make things happen!
So what makes us different? – You do!