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Dent Associates have been assisting UK companies enter the Brazilian market since 2005. Through our Joint Venture partner COCAR Suporte Empresarial Ltda., Dent Associates now provides a first-step stable base for UK companies to establish their business in Brazil and offers the reciprocal service for Brazilian companies wishing to establish themselves in the UK.

If you are a company wishing to establish a presence in Brazil then this service reduces commercial risks, addressing key issues of language and access to appropriate, legal, taxation, accountancy and HR support. More then just market intelligence we offer our clients an extensive network of contacts and expertise, built up over years of interaction – ones that make the real difference when operating abroad.

In the UK it means you deal with a UK company for everything you need in Brazil while in Brazil you deal with a Brazilian company for everything you need in the UK – it couldn’t be easier to internationalise and export.


With experience of working in China since 1998 Dent Associates understands the issues and concerns of UK companies interested in, but concerned about, doing business in China. The country’s staggering pace of growth is creating a wealth of opportunities for UK firms, especially SMEs, who are well placed to provide cutting edge expertise, services and technologies. Approached in the right way then good business opportunities exist for UK companies in China. With our wealth of in-country experience and a good network of contacts we can help your company find the best strategy and way forward for your technologies and products in the world’s second largest economy.


With Dent Associates staff having lived and worked in India since 1983 the company has a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of the Indian Subcontinent and how to do business there. With its growing economy and dynamic pace of change the key to India is knowing where and with whom to engage. Dent Associates work with a number of key partners and have extensive contacts and links to ensure your company can find the right opportunity and the right partner in India.

South Africa

Dent Associates staff have a great deal of business experience in South Africa with relationships built-up over the last 15 years in a range of sectors associated with science based business. Whether technology transfer in biotechnology and agribusiness, climate change adaptation or securing investment for joint ventures, Dent Associates have a long and successful track record working in South Africa. We have excellent networks encompassing the research, government and the business sectors, and work closely with the UK Embassy.


Although known by most people in the UK as a great holiday destination, Thailand is also an excellent starting point for business in SE Asia. Having worked in Thailand with our client IATC, UKTI and the UK Embassy since 2005, focussing on science and innovation, Dent Associates has developed an excellent high level network in the scientific, business and political spheres. The Thai Government is very supportive of the introduction of technology and establishment of joint ventures between UK and Thai companies and various financial instruments exist to assist in this process. Contact us to learn more of the opportunities.